Employee of the Year

This category is employer nominated, meaning an employee cannot directly enter. It is open to all businesses, both for profit not-for-profit, with at least one employee who is not a director or owner of the business. The Employee of the Year award seeks to recognise outstanding employees who go above and beyond in their role and who actively seek out opportunities to contribute to the overall success of your business. The employee must be directly employed by your organisation, and must have been in your employ for a minimum of 12 months as at 17 May 2017. By completing the application for this category, you certify that you have your employee’s approval to enter them in this award.

1. Provide a current profile of your employee including current job role and scope of responsibilities, any direct reports, and their organisational reporting line. Word count: Maximum 250

2. Detail your employee’s achievements over the last 12-24 months. Word count: Maximum 350

3. Explain how your employee’s contribution has delivered measurable business results in the last 12-24 months. Word count: Maximum 350

4. Describe how your employee has changed or enhanced your workplace culture, including any examples where they have inspired co-workers. Word count: Maximum 350

5. Describe any challenges your employee has faced in their role over the last 12-24 months, and detail how they have dealt with and overcome these challenges, including examples. Word count: Maximum 350

6. What do you believe this employee should be named as Employee of the Year? Include any other relevant examples of how this employee goes above and beyond in their role, including how they represent your business in the community. Word count: Maximum 350


IMPORTANT NOTE: In the portal, the employer’s name should be in the ‘Contact Name’ page, and the nominee’s name in the ‘Entrant details’ page.

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