Benefits of entering

Above: 2017 Business of the Year Award Winner Palmira Holdings Enterprises.


Review your business

The benefits of entering the Awards extend well beyond winning and glory. As a process of entering the Awards, you will review your business operations, reconnect with your vision and strategy, and measure performance against objectives. Many entrants see the Awards as a time for forced self-assessment, which helps keep them accountable to their goals.


Employee engagement, reward & recognition

Involving your team in the entry is a great way to recognise the contribution that every team member makes towards your success. Bring them on the journey with you and allow them to play a role in your entry strategy.

And bringing your staff to the Awards gala is a great opportunity to recognise and reward your team for the role they play in making your business a success.


Celebrate success

Your business is successful because of the people you have in it. Entering the Awards is a great way to review the past 12 months, recognising those who have contributed to the success of your business.


A sense of pride for your team

Working for a recognised or awarded business is great for your team. Who doesn’t like working for a business that is considered to be among the best? Our finalists all gain recognition as part of the Awards lead up and follow up; think about what that might mean for your team.


Identify areas for development

Participating in the Awards is a great way to see what your peers and your competition are doing, and consider areas for improvement in your own business.


Put a spotlight on passion

There are many businesses that are doing something really outstanding, really valuable, or really unique, and often it goes unnoticed. Entering the Awards is an opportunity to bring awareness to the work you are doing, and may have benefits that you never imagined.


Represent the Shoalhaven

Winners of the aligned category Awards will go on to the Illawarra Business Awards and compete against businesses in the Illawarra region. Winners of those Awards then go on to the NSW State Awards, an extremely prestigious opportunity. Representing your business, and the Shoalhaven, at the State Awards is a great way to earn free PR for your business.




Become a Member

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