Categories available to enter in 2017

We have 19 awards this year, 16 of which you can directly enter.


What does this mean?

In addition to Business of the Year, we have two further awards that cannot be directly entered – ‘Excellence in Inclusion’ and ‘Excellence in Social Responsibility’.

Similar to how we select Business of the Year, finalists for these two categories will be garnered from each of the ‘open’ categories. Two additional questions exist in each business category (excludes Start Up Superstar) and some of the individual categories, and the responses to these questions will be assessed to determine finalists for interviews.


Aligned categories

The winners of these categories will go on to represent the Shoalhaven and compete in the Illawarra Business Awards.

  • Business Leader
  • Young Business Executive
  • Young Entrepreneur
  • Excellence in Small Business (less than 20 employees)*
  • Excellence in Business (20+ employees)*
  • Start Up Superstar
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Excellence in Sustainability
  • Employer of Choice

*This includes all employees on payroll in Australia such as contractors, casuals and labour hire staff.


Important note

If you win an aligned category at the Shoalhaven Business Awards, in order to progress as a finalist in the Illawarra Business Awards, you will be required to be become a NSW Business Chamber Member. This is as per the terms and conditions set by the Illawarra Business Chamber, as only a member can enter their Awards.


Local categories

These categories are specific to the Shoalhaven Awards, and are not included in the aligned Illawarra or NSW Awards.

  • Excellence in Community Service (not for profit)
  • Excellence in Professional & Commercial
  • Outstanding Home Based Business
  • Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Excellence in Retail & Personal Services
  • Excellence in Production
  • Employee of the Year #
  • Excellence in Inclusion^
  • Excellence in Social Responsibility^
  • Business of The Year^

# Employer nominated category
^ These categories cannot be directly entered


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