We get that there is a tonne of information to absorb and understand when it comes to entering the Awards.

That is why we’ve put together this list of FAQs. If you have any questions you would like to see added to the list, please get in touch.


What is the portal address?

How do I log into the portal?
You must create a new username and password. The portal has undergone a number of changes this year, and as a result, every user MUST create a new profile, regardless of whether you have entered before.


What date do the Awards open?
Thursday 30 May, 7:00pm

What date do the Awards close?
Monday 1 July, 5:00pm

Interviews/site visits

Interviews will take place between 17 – 31 July, typically at the finalists’ place of business. Finalists will be announced on 12 July so this is the earliest that judges will be able to start contacting finalists to set up interviews. Interviews take between 30 and 60 minutes.


Can I enter a category that I won last year?

Yes. However, if you went on to the Illawarra Awards, and you also won your category there, then you cannot enter the same category again. For example, if you won Excellence in Business at the Shoalhaven Awards in 2018, and you then went on to win Excellence in Business at the Illawarra Awards (in 2018), you cannot enter it again until 2020. If you were a finalist in the Illawarra Awards, but did not win, you may enter the same category again this year.

Are there any restrictions on categories I won prior to 2019?

No, unless you have been admitted to the Hall of Fame for winning (that same category) three times. Then, you can no longer enter that category.

Will the sponsor of my category see my entry?    

No, the sponsors provide funds to make the Awards possible, but there is no relationship between sponsor of a category and the judge of that category.

Do I need to be a Shoalhaven Business Chamber member to enter the Awards?
No you don’t, the Awards are open to all businesses in the Shoalhaven (definition of ‘business in the Shoalhaven’ outlined in terms and conditions 2.3).

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