How to enter

How to enter 940x350

Using the portal

Entries are completed online using the NSW Business Chamber awards entry portal. The URL for the portal is

Please note that the portal has undergone a number of changes this year, and as a result, every user MUST create a new profile, regardless of whether you have entered before.

This also means your historic data is not available within the portal.

After setting up your profile, if you forget your password, simply select the Forgot Password option which is located on the log in page of the awards portal.

Supported browsers for using the portal include:

Firefox 34 and higher
Internet Explorer 9 and higher
Chrome 39 and higher
Safari (Mac only) 7.1 and higher
Opera 26 and higher

Once you have completed your entry, we encourage you to download a PDF of your submission and review it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will see blank fields with headers around assets and liabilities, yet you will not see this in the portal. This is because we use the same portal as the regional and state Awards, and entrants in those programs are required to enter such information.

Local award programs are neither required nor able to see or submit this information.

Portal User Guide

There is a very detailed portal user guide available on the NSW Business Chamber’s website, link here via digital PDF, or type this URL into your browser:

Portal support

For password resets and changes, and all portal technical assistance please contact the NSW Business Chamber’s Member Support Centre on 1300 139 910 .

Entry writing tips

  • Start early! The earlier you start, the better equipped you will be to approach your entry strategically and methodically.
  • Aim to stand out from the crowd. Judges are assessing so many entries; you want yours to be different and be enjoyable to read
  • Make it a team effort. Involve both internal and external people and ensure you give a complete 360 degree perspective on your business
  • Tell a story with your responses. Storytelling is one of the best ways to captivate hearts and minds and to ensure your entry is memorable
  • Use clear, concise language. Short, succinct sentences are much easier to read than long wordy ones.
  • Back up any claims you make with evidence. Broad statements that do not clearly state facts will not help your entry.
  • Re-read the question as you are answering it. Are you addressing precisely what is being asked? This is critical to judges in assessing and scoring your entry.
  • Check your spelling and grammar – get someone else to review your entry, ideally someone with great attention to detail as well as a strong grasp of the English language.
  • Work within the minimum and maximum word limits.
  • Reference evidence – awards, testimonials etc. Although you can’t attach documents in the portal, you can reference them and if required, bring them to your interview.
  • Download and print a PDF of your entry from within the portal, and conduct a final review before submitting.

Please note: as stated in the questions, all entries will be based on the success of the past 12 – 24 months only.

 Providing your logo

After you have submitted your entry, please email your business’s logo to in both JPEG and EPS formats.


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