Robbie Collins is an associate professor and head of the University of Wollongong (UOW) Shoalhaven campus. She has previously taught within schools and universities, worked for not for profit organisations and judged for the Shoalhaven Business Awards. She has a dedicated love of learning and strives to instill in those around her the power of education in changing lives. With UOW generously sponsoring the Shoalhaven Business Awards Workshop this year and Robbie’s clear expertise in this area, Robbie is perfectly placed to share with you exactly why you need attend the upcoming workshop and what benefits you can expect to gain.

Outline of episode

  • The importance of demonstrating your range of perspectives to the judges and how to do this
  • An exploration of spelling, grammar and jargon
  • How to prepare for the workshop
  • The value of attending the workshop


A bit more detail

Robbie lives by the philosophy of continuously changing and learning, which is the essence behind why it is so important for businesses to enter award programs – to continually evolve and develop. Robbie adapts this philosophy to her first piece of advice to award entrants, and that is to communicate your knowledge to the judges by demonstrating a wide range of perspectives. Just because the same question appears in multiple categories, does not mean they require the same answer. Robbie elaborates on this to assist you in writing a standout entry.

Throughout her interview, Robbie offers so much advice including her unique strategies for crafting a story and making sure your entry is as easy as possible for judges to read and digest. She shares some of her past experiences as an awards judge and discusses her observations of the effect the entire journey of the awards process can have on a business. Robbie walks you through exactly how to efficiently prepare for the workshop and explains how your attendance is the perfect opportunity to motivate you, become your driving force and even expose you to new business opportunities.

Just click play (above), and you’ll discover how to really create that refined and polished entry.

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UOW Shoalhaven

Again, a huge thank you to TAFE NSW, Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training, for sponsoring our show, and to the HEV Studio where we record and produce the show.

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