Bomaderry Bowling Club are our Employer of Choice sponsor for the 2018 Shoalhaven Business Awards. Lets get to know them a little better!

Our theme this year is Connect, Communicating & Collaborating to create meaningful relationships for a sustainable, vibrant & profitable business community. How does your business work to connect the Shoalhaven Community?

The Bomaderry Bowling Club is a local hub for all community based groups which unites the elderly and lonely members within our area.

 How does your business differ from its competitors?

We strive to be innovative / supportive and a community pillar within the Shoalhaven Area.

 What are your business’ core values and how do you uphold these?

Our core values are to be family friendly and a trustworthy haven for the local community, members and guests. We strive to uphold these values through staff empowerment and via managements leadership.

 What value do you think the Business Awards brings to the region?

The Shoalhaven Business Awards showcases the diverse local businesses within our community and highlights each and every business candidate’s achievements and contributions to the Shoalhaven Area.

 Why do you believe it is important for people to enter the Awards?

 It’s important for businesses to enter the Awards to make the local community aware of the contributions they make to the area.

Why is it important to support & sponsor these awards?

 Without support & sponsors the Awards night wouldn’t be able to showcase the business candidates.

Anything other relevant information you would like to say

The Shoalhaven Business Awards night brings out the best in people and unites employer and employees together.

Again, the Shoalhaven Business Awards committee is super appreciative for the support from all our sponsors. Thank you, Bomaderry Bowling Club, for getting involved and backing your local business community!

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