With the series almost over (this is the second last episode!), Chance and Miranda would like to introduce you to creative marketing expert and founder of The Marketing Clan, Jamie McAinsh. Jamie explains how to use all the valuable information you have gained so far from Awards Insider to create a voice that encompasses the unique personality of your business. Jamie’s experience involves combining the academic and creative sides of artistic work through his study of Art History. This has given him incredible insight into the perception and changing dynamics of art and how to best utilise it for the purpose of creating a unique voice for your brand.

Outline of episode

  • The importance of creating a unique brand voice
  • How to create a consistent and succinct tone of voice across multiple channels of communication
  • The necessity of identifying your audience
  • How to apply this to your awards submission to make a memorable entry


A bit more detail

The driving force behind all of Jamie’s work thus far is to use creativity in order to gain the edge over your competitors. He explains that to gain this edge, your brand voice needs to be unique, honest and relevant. By creating a voice that encompasses all of those factors, you set yourself apart from the rest. There are so many elements to consider when creating this voice – audiences, channels of communication, tone of voice – but don’t worry, Jamie touches on all of these and more to give you the best, all rounded advice.

The greatest part of this episode is that while Jamie explains how to apply these steps to your awards submission, it is extremely relevant and meaningful to your business communication strategy as a whole. Jamie supplies you with his three top tips, useful resources, strategic processes and how to create a unique voice relevant to your brand in just over 20 minutes! Genius or what? If you want to know how to create and communicate your brand voice through your awards submission, you’ve got to listen.

Let us know your thoughts on Jamie’s advice by leaving a comment in the review section on iTunes! We’d love to know what you like and what you think we could do better. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Links from episode conversations

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Again, a huge thank you to TAFE NSW, Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training, for sponsoring our show, and to the HEV Studio where we record and produce the show.

See you next week!

Lucy O

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