While studying for his accounting degree, Patrick also worked in trade based industries which provided him with a variety of real life experiences. Patrick has gone on to not only become a successful accountant, but one that relates extremely well with his clients.

Shortly after joining TCC and Associates, Patrick quickly turned to survival mode when the business principal fell ill. He stepped up and acquired management skills to both operate the business and manage the clients, while negotiating the sale to his current employer.

Patrick is an integral member of Pepperell and Associates. He treats the business as his own and has successfully and rapidly grown his portfolio of clients – exceeding his employer’s expectations.

Patrick has created his own referral network and started to build his own brand. He is constantly working on self improvement strategies, and is actively involved in two business associations “Breakthrough for business” and “Business Network International”.

Patrick proudly recognises that he is a product of his own environment, thanks to UOW – West Nowra Campus, and diverse tradie experience, he is well on the way to be known as “the accountant that wears work boots”

Patrick impressed the judges with his knowledge of his industry and focus on his clients’ needs. With clear plans for his future Patrick O’Regan is the worthy winner of Young Business Executive.

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