If listening to Matt Simms in episode 1 wasn’t enough to convince you that you need to enter the Awards, Peter Russell, Managing Director of Integrity Real Estate, has even MORE benefits to share with you.

Quick overview of what’s in episode 2

  • Sometimes you just need a push from outside your business to make you realise how much you can gain from entering
  • Entering is a lot of work, but it is so enjoyable
  • Brand recognition, profile building in the local community, which all leads to credibility for the business and for staff
  • You never know who might discover your business and what that might lead to
  • It’s important to think beyond your own business and consider how growing the profile of the Awards can help to grow the region
  • Your staff truly enjoy being part of the Awards, whether contributing towards the submission or going on the night!


A bit more detail

Since 2010, Integrity Real Estate has found a passion for entering and being involved in awards programs. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t begin with a win. Pete was encouraged by both the community and the business community to enter. Integrity Real Estate didn’t win an award their first year, however Pete noticed his business gained extra profile and a sense of credibility from this shared experience with the community.

He said it allowed him to reflect upon his business and gain a sense of direction – something that, as a business owner, Pete realised he didn’t do nearly enough. Pete entered Integrity Real Estate the following year and actually won the Business Leader and Excellence in Property and Finance Awards! What follows on from this is an incredible success story.

Following Integrity Real Estate’s win, doors kept opening and opportunities kept arising, especially in relation to business connections and relationships. Pete was introduced to his now business partner, an exceptionally talented man who Pete has experienced a lot of success with.

In a separate story about the value businesses can gain by entering, Pete shares that he met one of his local suppliers through the Awards. Pete tells Chance and Miranda he wasn’t aware that this particular business – with whom he now has a great relationship with – even existed before the Awards.

Without the involvement in the awards, Pete admits to Chance and Miranda that achieving all this would have been incredibly difficult. The Awards offer so much publicity in such a large variety of forms – advertising, social media, photos, text messaging, friendships.

We won’t give away any more – you just have to listen to Pete’s interview. If you are sitting on the fence about whether to enter, I am convinced you will have made your decision after you listen.

The rewards are abundant, which is why Pete’s number one tip is to just have a go – there are no losers in the Awards, as there is so much to gain just from entering.


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