In this episode, Chance and Miranda really start to draw out all the elements that constitute a standout submission. They welcome Awards Chair of Judges, Raj Ray, into the studio for the third episode of Awards Insider. Raj is more than qualified to help with all the best tips on how to craft a killer entry that the judges are absolutely going to love. He has held senior executive positions in a number of Australian corporates, lectured at multiple universities throughout Australia and authored many published management papers. He also regularly contributes to business magazines and owns a multi award winning winery on the South Coast of NSW.

In this episode:

  • How you should choose your category/categories
  • Who you should involve in crafting your entry
  • The process you should follow in developing your submission
  • Time management and the need for an early start!
  • Sources of information to help with you entry
  • Judges can tell who has put serious time into their submission



A bit more detail

Raj explains the first step of entry to Chance and Miranda: category selection. This is a critical stage where you need to make the right selection. Having no direction with category selection will diminish the quality of your overall entry.

In writing your physical entry, Raj points out the obvious: use the resources that you already have! He emphasises the importance of your staff in writing your entry. They help you run your business and deal with your clients and customers every day – they are here to help you get this right. Raj also makes a point of noting that the entries of high calibre have generally approached people outside their business for assistance.

Advice that Raj offers throughout the entire podcast as very simple: start early. Give yourself time to tap into the resources closest to you and TALK to people. That is key.

Judges can recognise an entry that has been completed at the last minute. By following Raj’s sensible words of advice, you can create an entry that completely separates you from the crowd, catapulting your business towards its goals.

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