Sometimes it can be difficult putting pen to paper and communicate the correct essence of your story. However, this is an essential part of entering an awards program and one where you need to take the time to get it right. This is why Chance and Miranda have a chat to professional awards submission writer (it’s actually a thing), Rosemary Gillespie. Having traveled all over Europe with her exceptional copywriting and editing skills, Rosemary now lives in Australia and began her own professional business writing services company in 2010, Proof Communications.

Outline of episode

  • Don’t underestimate the time it will take to truly craft your entry so that it is polished writing, not just a draft
  • Provide evidence!! Time and evidence are the key elements that most people overlook
  • Use the resources that the awards program provides, such as the website, FAQ and in our case, the workshop, or other awards program websites
  • What part of your submission you can delegate to other people


A bit more detail

If you’ve ever felt perhaps a little bashful when it comes to your writing and storytelling abilities, don’t be. Rosemary emphasises to Chance and Miranda that while a lot of people can run a profitable business and experience success, most people can’t create the perfect story out of it without some level of assistance – which is why she is here to share her wisdom and experience with our listeners.

Rosemary talks to Chance and Miranda in detail about the two biggest factors that most business owners overlook when crafting a submission for an awards program. One of these factors is time, and allowing enough of it. With components such as carefully reading the submission, undertaking research, editing and then communicating all of these elements in a succinct, compelling and concise manner is something you certainly don’t want to rush.

But never fear, Rosemary is here! In this episode, Rosemary offers a lot of advice and alternative channels of assistance for those who may not have the budget to reach out for professional help. She also shares her professional top 3 tips to consider when crafting your submission. These will really help you break down the initial barriers you may experience when trying to communicate your story.

This truly is an episode you don’t want to miss – Rosemary Gillespie has an incredible passion for reading and writing and offers you an abundance of advice in writing the perfect submission for you next awards program.

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