In our last episode, Rosemary touched briefly on how telling a story through your answers can create a compelling entry in the eye’s of the judges. What better way to learn more about this other than through a professional storyteller?! Chance and Miranda invite Lisa Burling from LBPR into the studio to provide all the necessary advice you need to turn your entry into an award winning story.

Outline of the episode

  1. Why storytelling will guarantee that your entry will stand out from the crowd and capture judges’ attention
  2. The elements of a great story
  3. How using personal experience creates authenticity and connection with both judges and clients
  4. The importance of allowing enough time and providing substantial evidence and examples

A bit more detail

Lisa Burling is an all round storytelling and media guru. From journalism and PR, to entrepreneurship and owning an award winning agency, she is a living, breathing example of  the power behind a successful story and what it can achieve. Lisa shares with Chance and Miranda how an incredibly difficult time in her life acted as a catalyst for her to take the plunge and begin her own business. She hasn’t looked back since. Lisa uses her personal story of triumph to connect and resonate with her clients, and she provides clear tips to entrants on how to use story to create a killer awards entry. By bringing a sense of personality into everything that she does, she has been able to experience an astounding amount of success in just the three years since the birth of LBPR.

This is exactly what she encourages awards entrants to do as well. Both judges and potential clients know when they’re being fed a cliched, impersonal line that means nothing to you as the owner of the business. When you turn your facts into a story, you end up with an incredibly personal message that creates a sense of credibility and relativity surrounding you and your brand name.

Lisa shares with Chance and Miranda (and you!) exactly how you can let your inner storyteller shine and achieve this. She does this by providing strategy, inspiration, experience and her top three tips for those who will be entering the awards.

Please do yourself a favour and take the time to listen to Lisa’s unique and honest advice. You won’t be disappointed.

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Lucy O

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