Integrity Real Estate are our 2018 Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality sponsors. The team at Integrity are such a friendly bunch and truly do embody a “mateship” attitude (see below) throughout the cultivation of their relationships within the local community. Thanks for your support, guys! Check out their interview below.

Our theme this year is Connect, Communicating & Collaborating to create meaningful relationships for a sustainable, vibrant & profitable business community. How does your business work to connect the Shoalhaven Community?

Our company culture embraces a great ‘mateship’ attitude which drives the success of our team as individuals and within the community. Integrity and the community unite as one in an effort to raise money for worthy causes and always lending a helping hand.

How does your business differ from its competitors?

From our inception we knew that if our clients didn’t feel we had delivered on our commitments, they would very quickly lose confidence and faith in us. We see that maintaining a straightforward approach and communicating with honesty and transparency in all our dealings is paramount to success. Our goal is to professionally serve our customers with the highest level of quality information and integrity that they become a client for life. In other words, we really do care about you and your property. We want the process of selling your home to be an enjoyable, stress free and very beneficial experience.

What are your business’ core values and how do you uphold these?

We are proud of our brand and what it represents. As our company brand communicates, we stand for honesty, integrity, quality service and outstanding results. These values have become what people identify Integrity Real Estate with.

What value do you think the Business Awards brings to the region?

The Business Awards help bring awareness to the great work that a lot of our local businesses are doing day in and out, which sometimes goes unnoticed. This helps put a spotlight on how great our local businesses are and the positive impact they have on the community.

Why do you believe it is important for people to enter the Awards?

A business is successful because of the people who have contributed their time and work into that business. At Integrity, we know that people are our most valuable asset and believe that the Business Awards do a great job in helping to bring recognition to all of the people who have had a positive impact within the business.

Why is it important to support & sponsor the Awards? This is our opportunity to give back to an organisation that have given us so much.

Thanks again, Integrity. Your support throughout the Awards and the local community is greatly appreciated! See you next week 😉

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