Due to the current challenges all businesses are facing with COVID-19, on top of the challenges we are still affected by due to the bushfires & floods, we have made the difficult decision to pause our Shoalhaven Business Awards for 2020. What the business landscape is going to look like for the majority of businesses in the Shoalhaven is still an unknown and we feel our efforts are better utilized by focusing our time & resources on assisting businesses during this difficult time in as many areas as we are able.⁠
Admittedly, we need some good things to look forward to, and our Shoalhaven Business Awards have always been something to look forward to as they are an amazing celebration of business in the Shoalhaven. Rest assured, you can still look forward to our Shoalhaven Business Awards. We will spend the next 6 – 12 months making sure all Shoalhaven Businesses come through this time to be stronger on the other end and ready to participate in our Shoalhaven Business Awards 2021.⁠
So is it Pause for now, and see you in 2021.⁠
And watch this space, we are hoping to have an end of year celebration for Shoalhaven Businesses 🤞

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