The Marketing Clan (TMC) are our 2018 Shoalhaven Business Awards Design sponsor. Jamie McAinsh, Clan Chief, explains to us how their particular business model is strongly influenced by the concept of collaboration. This allows TMC to provide a service with a unique point of difference, demonstrating the effectiveness of connection and what results can be achieved by working and growing collectively. This is what the Awards are all about, after all!

So, without further ado, please allow Jamie to provide you with a taste of why The Clan do what they do. Hear his thoughts on how connecting with your local community through the Awards process can be a very effective marketing strategy for you and your business.


Strategic Connections Shaped by Creativity and Collaboration

Our theme this year is Connect, Communicating & Collaborating to create meaningful relationships for a sustainable, vibrant & profitable business community. How does your business work to connect the Shoalhaven Community?

Since we first opened our doors in 2016, The Marketing Clan’s entire business model has been built upon the need to connect, communicate and collaborate, both with the Shoalhaven business community and also within our own team. We’re a compact group of award-winning marketing professionals who come to together as and when required for our clients. The combined impact of these creative connections are powerful, producing ideas and results far greater than anything that could be achieved by working in isolation.

How does your business differ from its competitors?

Unlike a traditional marketing agency model, The Marketing Clan is based on the principle of a Scottish ‘clan’. Rather than one fixed workforce, it connects a passionate group of independent specialists, each of whom brings specific marketing expertise that can be utilised for our clients as and when required – from research, brand strategy, communication and media planning, to copywriting, graphic design, digital marketing and PR. It’s a far more nimble and fluid approach that drives costs down by removing virtually all of the overheads of traditional agency structures whilst still offering a unique integrated marketing proposition in the Shoalhaven. This allows aspiring SMEs to access high-level marketing expertise that was previously only available to large brands with large marketing budgets.

What are your business’ core values and how do you uphold these?

We believe in many things. But at the heart of everything we do is a deep passion for collaboration and creativity. We know ‘none of us is smarter than all of us’ and the closer we’re able to work together, the better the results will always be for our clients. We’re also big on trust and transparency – that is, doing what we say and saying what we do – and having a laugh along the way, of course. Life’s too short for anything else.

 What value do you think the Business Awards brings to the region?

It’s the biggest event on the local business calendar and it’s getting bigger each year. Regardless of who wins, it’s about coming together to recognise, celebrate and encourage business excellence, which ultimately benefits the entire region. It’s bigger than any one individual business, it’s something we can all feel proud to be part of.

Why do you believe it is important for people to enter the Awards?

Being recognised with a peer-awarded accolade can be incredibly important for any brand or business – a third party recognition like the Awards can be one of your strongest PR tools as it’s a truly impartial barometer of excellence. Having been named as a Finalist ourselves in 2017, we also found the process of actually completing our entry hugely enlightening. It makes you stop, take a step back and think about your business from an entirely different perspective.

 Why is it important to support & sponsor these awards?

While every Shoalhaven businesses is different, it’s important to remember we’re all part of the same economic community. Our individual successes are closely linked to that of the entire region, either directly or indirectly, so it makes sense to help the Awards go from strength to strength – either by entering, or sponsoring, or both!

 Any other relevant information you would like to say?

Whether your business gets shortlisted or not, or even goes on to win its category, the process of entering takes you on an important strategic journey that will help you long after the Award ceremony has ended. We can’t recommend it enough.

Wise words from our Design sponsor. If hearing these words resonates with you, drop by The Marketing Clan and start the conversation! They might even shout you a coffee.

A huge thanks to Jamie and The Clan for their support and generosity in sponsoring the 2018 Shoalhaven Business Awards.

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