WIN Television are one of our Media sponsors for the 2018 Shoalhaven Business Awards. It’s great to see support from both large corporations as well as small businesses – the Awards truly are about collaboration and connection! WIN Television share with us their vision and community involvement within the Shoalhaven and beyond.

Our theme this year is Connect, Communicating & Collaborating to create meaningful relationships for a sustainable, vibrant & profitable business community. How does your business work to connect the Shoalhaven Community?

WIN Television has a long and proud tradition of bringing local news, fun, engaging and informative content to Shoalhaven residents. WIN also values the importance of partnering with key establishments like the Shoalhaven Business Chamber to raise awareness and communicate the fantastic achievements of the business community.

How does your business differ from its competitors?

WIN Television provides tailored and comprehensive television advertising campaigns, with strategic placement of commercials into WIN’s major event telecast, as well as general programming across the network. Via our WIN Connect offering, we deliver an exclusive marketing and network strategy that is specifically designed to provide maximum value and drive results for your business.

  • Personalised marketing solutions
  • More flexibility and control of your campaigns
  • The power to connect with other business leaders
  • Exclusive invitations to regular events
  • Online partner listing and integration

 What are your business’ core values and how do you uphold these?

The WIN Corporation  recognises  that  much  of  its  success  is  due  to  the  continued  support  of  both  its  television  and  radio audiences.  In return the Corporation is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates by:

  • Providing airtime free of charge to promote charitable non-profit organisations;
  • Supporting  public  sporting  and  entertainment  venues:  WIN  Stadium  and  the  WIN  Entertainment  Centre,  both world class multi-purpose entertainment and sporting facilities
  • Sponsoring  community,  environmental,  sporting,  educational  and  arts/cultural  events  and  activities at a local, state and national level

What value do you think the Business Awards brings to the region?

The Business Awards are an opportunity to recognise and reward the hard work, achievements and success of the local business community in the Shoalhaven region.

 Why do you believe it is important for people to enter the Awards?

‘Positive emotions create and sustain the dynamic processes that keep individuals and organisations developing and thriving’ (Barbara Fredrickson, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan)

The Awards wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of our sponsors. Thank you for getting involved, WIN. See you there!

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