We all know that winning feels great – but it’s not everything.

That’s why we invited business owner and Awards Ambassador, Matt Simms, into the studio for our first episode to discuss the benefits of entering a business awards program. Chance, Miranda and Matt discuss how purely just entering will have an astounding impact on your business. We think you’ll be enjoy our first show, and learn LOTS.

Quick overview of what’s in episode 1

  • Entering the Awards when you don’t think you’re ready is actually a great time to enter
  • The biggest thing Simmark gained from entering the Awards was the opportunity to articulate our vision
  • Getting everyone to articulate the same vision lifts morale and generates camaraderie
  • Through entering the Awards Simmark management recognised that they were not doing enough to recognise and involve their employees, and as a result they now do profit sharing
  • Being involved with the Chamber, having a presence at the Awards and being seen associating with other high calibre businesses at the Awards has raised Simmark’s public profile



A bit more detail
Having only recently entered his first awards program as little as two years ago, Matt is still reaping the ongoing benefits of his involvement within the Awards.  Matt confesses to Chance and Miranda that he actually didn’t believe his air conditioning and electrical business, Simmark, was ready to enter an awards program. However, it turns out that this was the perfect way to ignite a very real understanding and passion for awards programs and what you are able to achieve as a result. Matt explains that because of this initial hesitancy, there was no pressure to win or excel and he ended up learning an incredible amount about his own business – in particular, creating and capturing the vision he had for Simmark. Your business is a product and you need to know how to sell it. According to Matt, if you can articulate what it is you do and why you do it effectively to customers, they will choose your business every time. By simply entering the Shoalhaven Business Awards, Matt was forced to take to the time and be able to achieve this.

Matt also discusses other benefits that just keep on giving, such as the camaraderie that is created between staff throughout the entry process and how this heightens morale to a healthy level within the workplace, that you actually discover discrepancies within your own business and know where to improve upon in the future, how awards programs place your brand name in the conversation – gaining recognition, reputation and repeated business – the list is actually endless!

This and so much more is discussed with Matt – you may even learn how to use a Texas Smoker and the requirements of whipping up a mean long black (disclaimer: or you may just have a laugh).

Join Chance and Miranda for hot tips and inspiration in the very first episode to kick start the brand new Awards Insider series.

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Thanks for listening!

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