Above: Slade Small, Sales Consultant, Integrity Real Estate Nowra


Integrity Real Estate immerses itself in the Awards every year. Through entering, sponsoring, and this year with Pete Russell as one of our Awards Ambassadors, we are truly grateful for the passion integrity has for the Awards. We chat with Sales Consultant, Slade Small, from the Nowra office, to find out what life is like at integrity.


What do you love about working for integrity?

We are genuinely a team and we look out for each other. We’re basically friends who work in the same building.


Describe integrity in 3 words

“The real deal”


What is life like at integrity real estate?

The environment is very positive, yet professional. Bouncing ideas from one another, planning, calls, calls and more calls. Most importantly we are committed to exceeding our customers’ needs. Life’s good at integrity.


How do you think it differs from other real estate agents?

Apart from being an independant company, integrity has this culture that we look out for one another. Agents speak to each other and find solutions to problems daily. The team work is second to none! There is certainly a strong focus on customer satisfaction and you’re met with a smile at the front desk. I think that goes along way these days…


Our Awards theme is cultivate, which is all about fostering growth. How does integrity foster the growth of its employees?

It’s all about keeping sharp, ongoing training and being the best version of “you” that you can be. The sales team fly to the Gold Coast every may for The Australian Real Estate Conference, which is the best of the best in our industry, where we learn and share ideas with one another. Monday mornings starts with training for 30-60 minutes. Keeping innovative and cultivating the skills!


What do you love about attending the Business Awards?

This year will only be my second Awards night, with many more to come, however it’s nice to see those who are doing good things in business throughout the Shoalhaven applauded for their hard work. It’s a great night to get dressed up and meet fellow professionals and catch up with existing friends, outside of the daily office routines.


Integrity has won a lot of awards whats it like working for an Award winning business?

I think for me the first time I walked through the door I knew that’s the team I wanted to be a part of. Highly focused and professional and we set a benchmark in our community. The business is very systemised to benefit efficiency of employees and also on the other hand to better serve people. After all real estate is a people industry…


Integrity is sponsoring the Excellence in Tourism & Hospitality award, why is this such an important award for our region?

Being one of the most visited region of NSW (outside of Sydney), it is very important to have a stellar tourism and hospitality industry. Not only are these industries major employers of people in the Shoalhaven, but it’s the forefront of anyone who comes to the area… people need to eat and sleep so it’s vital to have businesses that go the extra mile for tourists. I think if you have business and people in tourism or hospitality, you create a name and culture around it. I think we have that laid back yet quality cultural feel about the Shoalhaven and that’s a credit to people on the front line of the industry and that’s why it’s important to say “well done”.

What’s your favourite local business in the tourism hospitality industries?

Im an avid tea drinker and love a good slice of banana bread, you can often find me at Coffeelicious or Deli on Kinghorne knocking back a English Breakfast Tea & skim milk. Im a lover of food big time and in saying that I think Wharf Road is brilliant and the location is divine. Just naming a few – I could honestly go on all day though…


Tell us, what are Pete and Kelly like as bosses?

That’s a good question, I think you just have to go to breakfast with Pete to see the impact he has had on this community. Literally knows everybody! And everyone is more then happy to say gidday. Highly professional, always thinking of new ways to take the next step in business and in life. A wealth of knowledge in real estate and happy to help you in taking your next step in your career. Kelly is a machine, literally so organised and efficient! Good to have these guys as role models and best thing is we can all have a laugh about the highs & lows “at the end of the day”…


Thanks Slade! Great interview – and I especially love your clever use of the word cultivate!! Integrity definitely sounds like a place that truly values its employees and I love hearing that regular training is ingrained in your culture.


And thanks to Integrity Real Estate for sponsoring the Awards.

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